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Apprenticeship Levy & Funding

We help your business leverage the Apprenticeship Levy and access Funding for Skills

Leveraging your Levy for Resilience and Growth

  • Are you one of the many organisations across the whole UK who started paying the Apprenticeship Levy tax April 2017?

  • Do you know how much your business pays through its’ PAYE annually (0.5% of wage bill)

  • Would you like to leverage this tax back into your business (you have 2 years before it is lost to the treasury and your competitors can access it)?

  • Is it important to grow your business? Improving skills and developing organisational capability can motivate staff, improve efficiency and help staff retention?

How can we help?

  • We help organisations across the UK better understand the Levy and the cost implications to your business annually

  • We help decision makers understand the opportunities to access skills and funding for staff development across national borders. We also explain potential down-­‐sides and management challenges

  • We support managers with training matrixes, developing skills strategies and in utilising the Levy from an organisational capabilities perspective

  • We are trustworthy, independent and professional – having worked with large multinationals across industry sectors but primarily manufacturing and engineering.

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In April 2018 the Apprenticeship Levy celebrates its first anniversary and data from the Open University has revealed that over £1bn in funding in the system remains unused by firms. So far, companies have paid in £1.39bn, but have only been able to withdraw £108m. The funds must be used within a year from now, before they expire. “ IoD, 6.4.18. For guidance on the Apprenticeship Levy contact ILS today.