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"OFFER EXTENDED - Free Bounce-Back Review of Systems and Processes for Qualifying UK Businesses"

In this edition we’re talking ‘bounce back’ and how we can help you to adapt to smarter, more efficient ways of working and ultimately deliver greater business returns in the post COVID-19 world.

We advise how you can adapt to the new business norms, we share insights into the things that will shape recovery efforts and provide solutions for addressing key issues in operational environments.

If we can help you, get in touch, and we’ll arrange a free bounce back review of your business.

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News from Industry Learning Solutions

Lean Smart-Apps lead the way as Industry Learning Solutions Limited is announced a winner in UK 2019 Technology Innovator Awards by CV Magazine for its innovative Lean Bitesize learning linked to Industry 4.0 and Lean Smart Apps to help embed and sustain a lean culture within different manufacturing and service environments. cv-magazine.com/issues/technology-innovator-awards-2019

Best Business Apprenticeship & Training Consultancy 2018

2018 Welsh Enterprise Awards - Industry Learning Solutions Limited awarded Best Business Apprenticeship & Training Consultancy

Industry Learning Solutions (ILS) offer operational excellence and management development programmes to the manufacturing and engineering sector and will optimize on skills funding opportunities available locally. ILS provide skills solutions in Leadership and Management, Lean Green Belts, Bespoke Lean courses, Apprenticeships and access to a suite of Smart phone Apps to support and sustain specific organisational efficiency skills. For a tailored skills solution offering accredited training or L&D consultancy for developing a competency framework for your business, call ILS today or visit our website at www.industrylearningsolutions.com or call us direct on 44 (0) 7966 315507

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Energy News for Manufacturers from the CBM and EEF

Energy and Environment legislation from the budget

Introduction of Industrial Energy Transformation Fund and scrapping of Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) and related First Year Tax Credits (FYTC)

The good news is that government is finally delivering the industrial energy efficiency fund long requested by EEF and promised in last year’s manifesto, but it comes at the cost of tax breaks/credits for energy and water efficient technologies under the ECA and FYTC schemes. The swap is revenue neutral, and will provide a £315m fund to be spent over the next five years on energy efficiency and other low-carbon technologies. The details of the fund are still being worked out but it is likely that it will be targeted at higher energy users. There will be more stakeholder engagement in the next few months.

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News from fenews.co.uk

  • The importance of communication when moving a class online


    09/18/2021 07:44 AM

    When moving a course online, it may be helpful to think look at the process from a number of viewpoints; one of these is channels of communication.  As in the classroom, the tutor needs to communicate with students and vice-versa, and students need to communicate with each other.   One approach to instructional design is considering how each of these is managed.  Whichever is the Virtual Learning Environment, a tutor communicating organisation or content, ... +Read More

  • Making sense of technical assessment - Is standardisation the biggest challenge?


    09/18/2021 05:27 AM

    Anyone who has wrapped a wet towel round their head to devise a technical assessment will recognise the dilemmas: the rigour of standardised examinations, or the credibility of variable work-embedded assessment tasks; the holistic neatness of end point assessments, or the formative and partial credit functions of assessments in the course of a programme; a synoptic perspective on occupational competence in the round, or checking off a list of required competences. There are few ... +Read More

  • ‘Poor worm, thou art infected!’: Seduction and colonisation in Further Education


    09/18/2021 05:22 AM

    An island enveloped by artful storms, a product of detritus, pilgrims and marauders washed up on an inhospitable shore, Further Education stands, simultaneously occupied and alive yet relentlessly manufactured as barren and devoid of noble life. A land of artifice and artefact, a landscape of devils and saviours, further education has been colonised and recolonised, fashioned and refashioned, simulated and simulacremated. This [article] focuses on the very processes of seduction, the tyranny ... +Read More

  • Adult Learner’s Week – the UK’s biggest festival of adult learning


    09/17/2021 03:20 PM

    #InspireCymru21 - Taking place last night (Thursday 16th September), the Inspire! Awards feature as a key part of Adult Learners’ Week. The Inspire! Awards recognised 13 winners throughout Wales who have demonstrated a commitment to lifelong learning, building confidence and developing vibrant and successful communities. Fatma Al Nahdy: Different Pasts: Shared Futures Winner “Before I started learning, I didn’t have any dreams. Now, I’m on my way to a career I love. I want to stay living ... +Read More

  • How to Get a Scholarship: 10 Tips for Success


    09/17/2021 03:12 PM

    Studying at an international university is a dream for most students and a driving force to secure the best possible grades and highest possible entry exam scores. However, the dream may only be supported through financial aid and for that purpose; students often scout around for various scholarships that may supplement their studies, hence enabling them to live out their dream. To make the scholarship hunt 100% successful and secure a ... +Read More

News from the Institute for Apprenticeships