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Lean Smart-Apps lead the way as Industry Learning Solutions Limited is announced a winner in UK 2019 Technology Innovator Awards by CV Magazine for its innovative Lean Bitesize learning linked to Industry 4.0 and Lean Smart Apps to help embed and sustain a lean culture within different manufacturing and service environments. cv-magazine.com/issues/technology-innovator-awards-2019

Best Business Apprenticeship & Training Consultancy 2018

2018 Welsh Enterprise Awards - Industry Learning Solutions Limited awarded Best Business Apprenticeship & Training Consultancy

Industry Learning Solutions (ILS) offer operational excellence and management development programmes to the manufacturing and engineering sector and will optimize on skills funding opportunities available locally. ILS provide skills solutions in Leadership and Management, Lean Green Belts, Bespoke Lean courses, Apprenticeships and access to a suite of Smart phone Apps to support and sustain specific organisational efficiency skills. For a tailored skills solution offering accredited training or L&D consultancy for developing a competency framework for your business, call ILS today or visit our website at www.industrylearningsolutions.com or call us direct on 44 (0) 7966 315507

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Energy News for Manufacturers from the CBM and EEF

Energy and Environment legislation from the budget

Introduction of Industrial Energy Transformation Fund and scrapping of Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) and related First Year Tax Credits (FYTC)

The good news is that government is finally delivering the industrial energy efficiency fund long requested by EEF and promised in last year’s manifesto, but it comes at the cost of tax breaks/credits for energy and water efficient technologies under the ECA and FYTC schemes. The swap is revenue neutral, and will provide a £315m fund to be spent over the next five years on energy efficiency and other low-carbon technologies. The details of the fund are still being worked out but it is likely that it will be targeted at higher energy users. There will be more stakeholder engagement in the next few months.

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News from fenews.co.uk

  • Antony Jenkins: #AI and the digital revolution: How apprenticeships can help the financial sector prepare for the future


    09/20/2019 07:39 AM

    I have worked in financial services for a very long time and have been privileged to witness first-hand many innovations and changes in the industry, everything from the creation of the credit card industry, the deregulation in the 1980s, the internet boom in the late 90s all the way through the revolution of technology, mobile, digital and more. Before becoming Chair of the Institute for Apprenticeships, my time with Barclays over ... +Read More

  • Top 4 #Apprenticeship Funding Myths Busted


    09/20/2019 06:03 AM

    Each apprenticeship is allocated to one of 30 funding bands, which range from £1,500 to £27,000. When the Institute makes a funding recommendation, we take into account a range of factors including: quotes from training providers; a review of training and assessment costs; a comparison with similar standards; and affordability. The Secretary of State for Education then makes the final decision. In May, Lucy Rigler summarised the Funding team’s first wave of ... +Read More

  • NAHT report on effective school-to-school peer review


    09/20/2019 05:00 AM

    Today (Friday 20th September) the National Association of Head Teachers published its ‘Principles of Effective School-to-School Peer Review’ report which argues that peer review between schools school be the norm, not an exception, and should be at the core of school improvement. Angela Rayner MP, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, commenting on the NAHT’s report on essentials for effective peer review. said: “These principles will play a vital role in the work a Labour ... +Read More

  • Educating the Educators: The importance of training in the Education Sector


    09/20/2019 03:50 AM

    Many teachers and lecturers approach the new academic year with an adrenalin-rich blend of excitement and nerves. Education, like healthcare, is one of those topics everybody cares about and educators know how accountable that makes them – to their students, parents, government at all levels, their colleagues and the school management team (SMT). As a result, the start of term can be fraught as timetables are established, expectations set, goals allocated and ... +Read More

  • What makes a meaningful encounter within the world of work?


    09/20/2019 03:48 AM

    It is now widely accepted that encounters with the world of work are vitally important for all young people As the Careers & Enterprise Company’s State of the Nation report released today (20 Sept) demonstrates how the nation’s young people are benefitting from a growing number of employers seeking to engage young people, Nick Chambers, Founder of UK Charity, Education and Employers asks, "What is a "meaningful encounter" with the world of work"? For example employer ... +Read More

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