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Maximising Apprenticeship & Training Funding Across Sectors

We support organisations across the UK who wish to develop the skills of their workforce to build resilience and achieve future growth. Focused on the manufacturing, engineering and construction industries, we provide access to business apprenticeship frameworks, training, e-learning and guidance on local funding for skills.

Industry Learning Solutions will help companies leverage the Apprenticeship Levy - to help make it work for them and fund the skills their business needs to grow and develop. We are aligned to the aerospace, automotive and nuclear supply chains and also offer a range of specialist Lean Continuous Improvement and Management training and apprenticeship programmes aimed at driving organisational excellence through the skills of managers and staff.

We offer a professional and friendly service. To ensure a customised and personal experience, we keep our customers front and centre at all times and search for skills and funding solutions that will meet an employer's specific needs and create an effective Apprenticeship Levy Strategy across geographic borders and access skills funding solutions to help with affordability.

Keeping Our Clients Front And Centre

Industry Learning Solutions work across industry sectors - including manufacturing, engineering, aerospace, automotive and new nuclear - offering a dedicated skills support service tailored to each individual company's needs.

The company works with strategic partners to find the best and most cost effective skills solution to match the skills needs of an organisation to a delivery partner.

Offering a personalised package of support we keep our clients front and centre at all times. We identify funding where available and support companies with their Levy Strategy in order to maximise their opportunity to develop skills and create an effective pipeline of future skills for their business.

Lean Smart-Apps lead the way as Industry Learning Solutions Limited is announced a winner in UK 2019 Technology Innovator Awards by CV Magazine for its innovative Lean Bitesize learning linked to Industry 4.0 and Lean Smart Apps to help embed and sustain a lean culture within different manufacturing and service environments. cv-magazine.com/issues/technology-innovator-awards-2019

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Building-in Sustainability with a Lean Academy approach to skills

The car components firm, Reflex & Allen, manufacture pneumatic and hydraulic tubing for the automotive sector internationally and benefited from the Lean Academy approach of Industry Learning Solutions.

“As a Tier One automotive supplier, attention to quality and operational excellence is a priority. When looking at developing the skills of our on-site staff, we wanted a return on investment through sustainability and continuous improvement. There are many Lean training businesses out there but we selected Viv and Brett's Lean Academy because they clearly understood our requirements and could provide us not only with the 5S Workplace Organisation training we needed on our site, but also a compelling package of support that included Mentoring and access to the latest Smart technology of 5S Apps. This enabled us to build sustainability into our Lean training to achieve targeted, effective operational management improvement that had not been achievable previously.“

Phil Morris, Plant Manager, Reflex & Allen Group

Steinhoff UK Upholstery enter new skills partnership in Wales

After many months of investigation and negotiation, Industry Learning Solutions Ltd help Steinhoff find a workable solution for their specific skills needs as they develop a sustainable skills model for the future.

Upholstery manufacturer, Steinhoff UK Upholstery, based in Bridgend make furniture for Harveys and other retailers. As an Apprenticeship Levy payer since 2017, Steinhoff UK Upholstery were keen to find a range of skills solutions that suited their unique design and manufacturing processes. Increasingly they have needed recruitment agencies to source their sewing, frame assemblers and upholstery staff from Eastern Europe in order to satisfy growth demands in the business requiring semi-skilled and skilled labour.

HR Manager, Julia Davies said "we wanted to change this outsourcing trend and grow our own talent - but didn’t know where to start. As an international business we pay hundreds of thousands of pounds every year into the UK Levy but hadn’t put together a strategy to leverage this back into our organisation in a meaningful and strategic way’.

To help find a solution for developing local staff Steinhoff UK Upholstery worked closely with apprenticeship and skills consultancy, Industry Learning Solutions Ltd, to source partners in Wales and England to satisfy their needs for upholstery and management development. “Viv Compton, Director of Industry Learning Solutions, helped us understand the skills landscape in the UK and provided us with much needed support and guidance in developing a framework that would enable us to invest in the future skills of the business whilst utilising Levy Apprenticeship funding."

Steinhoff UK Upholstery has struggled in recent years to find upholstery skills locally. However the new staff development programme launched this summer will enable us to up-skill our upholstery, sewing and frame assembly staff, develop our management team and take on and develop local apprenticeships. This Academy Approach has been developed for us by Industry Learning Solutions working in partnership with strategic partners on delivery.

“It is fair to say that without the independent skills and funding guidance provided by Viv Compton, who worked diligently for many months across national borders to source the specialist skills partners who we wanted to work with, we never would have secured the specialist support required to train and finance our academy programme” said Julia.

Julia Davies
Steinhoff UK Upholstery Ltd
Human Resources Manager